Schulungsmaterial für Nageldesignerinnen

Training material for nail designers

Would you like the perfect nail design at home or in your own studio? With training materials for nail designers, you can become an expert and lay the solid foundation for your successful nail design business. New modeling techniques, the implementation of special nail art or the use of certain products and instruments can be learned easily and practically in nail design with the right training material. Further training in order to acquire or deepen theory and practice - training courses with appropriate material and courses are a success factor that should not be underestimated for young professionals as well as for experienced nail designers. Well planned and compiled by experts, comprehensive information is provided here. The nail design training material is suitable for private users at home, employees or owners of nail salons or for mobile nail designers.

Training DVD
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Nail design training material: Learn current trends & optimize techniques

“For me, the further development of my skills plays a major role – this is how I learn new techniques or can improve existing methods. In this way, I can always offer my customers the latest trends in the studio and optimize my processes to save time and money,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. High-quality training materials contain professional instructions from experts that provide detailed information about specific nail design topics, giving you a deeper insight into this exciting area of ​​cosmetics. Through regular training and further education, you can meet high quality requirements as a nail designer and gain in-depth basic knowledge and expanded specialist knowledge.

  • Learn new techniques
  • Optimize methods
  • Implement current trends
  • Professional instructions
  • Meet quality requirements

Training in nail design – this is how it works!

For further training at home, training materials on DVDs, in books or in nail design blogs such as in our Academy are suitable . The advantage is obvious: nail designers can learn and try things out whenever it suits them; they are not tied to the requirements of a fixed course. The training materials prepare important teaching material in an easy-to-understand manner and provide well-founded information on a specific topic in the field of nail design as a non-fiction book or DVD. “Watching a training DVD or reading a book in the evening on the sofa or during the lunch break, as well as trying out new techniques according to instructions, for example on practice hands, at my own pace and at a time that suits me - that's what I find in training materials “Best for nail designers,” explains our expert. Once purchased, the training materials also remain high-quality reference works that can provide clear and well-structured access to cosmetic knowledge and important data. In many cases you will find the cheapest solutions for your ideas here.

  • course
  • Product training
  • Training DVD
  • Books
  • Nail design blogs

Nail design: training books from experts

Attractive and explanatory illustrations as well as diagrams, lots of information and background knowledge as well as practical instructions and professional tips and tricks await you in high-quality nail design training books . With this equipment you can learn to create breathtaking nail art, explore the basics of nail modeling or discover popular trends and products to expand your portfolio - all easily from home. Topics such as problem nails, lifting or difficulties with adhesion can also be addressed, such as hygiene, the use of milling cutters and much more. Our expert Stefanie loves training books: “During my training I acquired a few books on nail design, which I still use to this day to clarify questions or look something up - a worthwhile investment for me!”

  • Explanatory images and diagrams
  • Information & background knowledge
  • Practical instructions
  • Professional tips & tricks

Nail design book
Nail design book
Nail design book

5 advantages training DVD gel method, French & nail art

Learn step by step at your own pace and in a home atmosphere - this is what high-quality training DVDs for nail designers offer . The diverse techniques and types of nail design are clearly explained by experts here. Interesting and important aspects such as the preparation of the natural nail as well as various techniques from the 1-phase gel to the 3-phase method with adhesive, build-up and shine gel are professionally explained. The popular French modeling and the professional stencil technique as well as the durable decoration with nail art are also part of the training DVDs. Particularly practical: If an aspect was not understood, it can easily be repeated and viewed again using the backwards function. Breaks are also possible at any time, so that every nail designer has the opportunity to learn something new and continue training according to her individual time constraints.

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Training at home
  3. Clear explanation
  4. Reverse function
  5. Pause function

6 advantages practice material: practice nail design practically

In addition to theoretical learning through training material such as books, blogs and DVDs, practical nail design practice may also be required. Practice hands and fingers are ideal for this purpose , allowing you to practice new techniques at your leisure. For our expert, the advantage of the practical training material in nail design is obvious: “With practice hands , you as a nail designer are completely independent when learning because you don't need a model. It's up to you when and how long you practice, without any stress. A special bonus: The hands and nails always stay in the desired position, you don't have to constantly correct your posture!" . The practice hands are also suitable for improving your own skills and determining how long it takes to practice a particular method. This is very important for scheduling appointments in your studio, explains our expert.

  1. Practice hands
  2. Practice fingers
  3. No model necessary
  4. Determine your own learning time
  5. Hands and nails always in position
  6. Improve scheduling

Practice fingers
Practice hand
wooden hand

Nail design course with experts

Training in nail design can take place in the form of a classic course in which a group learns a new product range (product training) or a modern method of nail modeling under professional guidance. These training courses can take place in special centers, but also as part of trade fairs and other events. Nail designers who work alone can register for these events, as can studio employees - it is advisable to discuss this with their superiors. Sometimes it is possible that the owners of the studio welcome and support regular training, including days off or covering the cost of the course. Courses can run over several days, but are also possible as short training courses or workshops with compressed knowledge in a compact period of time. The advantage of a course is the collaboration with others and the presence of an expert who is available to answer questions. It can be disadvantageous for some nail designers to have to travel long distances and lose one or more days of work by attending a course.

  • Learning in a group
  • Professional guidance
  • Presence of experts

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