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Nail art watercolor paints: you will love them!

Have you heard about watercolor nail art colors ? They're really awesome if you want to conjure up effective nail designs! Watercolor nail art is a creative nail design technique that uses watercolors to create a delicate and painterly look on the nails. This technique is based on the principle of watercolor painting, where colors are diluted with water to create transparent and flowing effects.

“All you have to do is mix the colors on a mixing palette with a little water and then apply your desired pattern to the prepared nail. No matter whether you like delicate paintings, like impressive color gradients or want to rock the mega trendy marble look - with these watercolor paints there are no limits to your imagination," says our nail designer Nini. In our online shop you will find three palettes with 12 nail art Watercolor paints in a practical little box in which the colors are easy to store and don't dry out. Choose from three styles: Galaxy with shimmer in seductive nuances, Macaron in soft summer tones and with shimmer and Fluorescent with a glowing effect in black light! “And for really good results, I recommend superfine nail art brushes in different sizes,” says our nail designer Nini.

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