Nagelfräser E-Feile Bits und Aufsätze richtig reinigen

Clean nail cutter e-file bits and attachments properly

Cleaning cutters and bits plays an important role in nail design to protect the health of customers and nail designers. The Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) points out on its website that nail salons are subject to the basics of the Infection Protection Act and are obliged to comply with hygiene regulations. The health department monitors this process - for example, the state of Baden-Württemberg issued a regulation on the prevention of communicable diseases in a separate hygiene regulation in 2002 . This regulation obliges every person who carries out a business in which people's skin can be injured (even if only slightly) and thus the transmission of diseases can occur, to observe the recognized rules of hygiene very carefully.

Legal regulations for the hygienic cleaning of e-files

The hygiene regulations for nail salons in the Karlsruhe district state, among other things, that disinfection in nail design depends on the right product: Different products are used for surfaces, instruments and skin that were specifically designed for these areas of application. Furthermore, the disinfectants for instruments , such as cutters and bits, must be used in the prescribed concentration and over the entire exposure time (according to the package insert). Particularly important: The hygiene regulations require the e-file and its accessories to be cleaned immediately after each use!

  • Choose special disinfectants for cutters and bits
  • Pay attention to concentration and exposure time
  • Cleaning & disinfection immediately after use

Instrument disinfection
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Cleaning & storage of cutters & bits:
4 questions for the expert

Our nail designer Stefanie answers four questions for us about the importance of bits and cutters in the nail salon as well as how to clean them and the hygienic storage of this valuable nail design instrument.

Are bits and cutters important for your work in the nail salon?
Nail designer Stefanie: “Great, they are actually very important! I attach great importance to preparing the nail well. This means that cuticles, unwanted corners and edges or thickenings are carefully removed in advance. In this way I achieve a particularly even nail design. In addition, good preparation of the nail plays a crucial role in the truest sense of the word, because the entire nail model holds better on a carefully cleaned natural nail. With the help of cutters and suitable attachments , I can save a lot of time and energy and achieve perfect results in a matter of seconds.”

  • Nail preparation
  • For better adhesion
  • Fast & efficient work

For what types of work do you use e-files more often in the studio?
Nail designer Stefanie: “In addition to their use in nail preparation, cutters and bits are worth their weight in gold for me, especially when it comes to refills. With their help, the old material can be removed very thoroughly in a very short time. Nail polish residues, for example from UV nail polish or Shellac, can also be removed very easily in this way. Afterwards, the new model can be sanded into the perfect shape using the appropriate attachments.”

  • Refill (remove old gel)
  • Nail modeling (shaping)
  • Remove residues

How do you store the cleaned cutter and bits?
Nail designer Stefanie: “I have a storage box for the bits. I keep this, as well as the cutter itself, in a closed drawer on my work table. This means things are always easily accessible and yet protected from contamination.”

  • Storage box
  • Closed drawer

Why is it so important to clean the cutters and bits hygienically?

Nail designer Stefanie: “All instruments that come into direct contact with the customer can transmit bacteria, viruses or fungi. To protect customers from infections, cutters and bits should always be cleaned very carefully. The bits can cause small injuries, for example to the cuticles, which are particularly susceptible to contamination and this in turn can result in inflammation or the like - which is why it is important that the bits are cleaned very thoroughly after each customer. Last but not least: If you take good and proper care of your instruments, you can enjoy them for longer and save money.”

  • Avoid infections
  • Prevent inflammation
  • Preserve and protect instruments

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Easy steps to clean bits and cutters in the nail salon

We'll tell you how to clean your cutter and the associated bits hygienically and how to keep your products functioning properly for a long time.

What you need to clean cutters & bits:

  1. A dusting brush with harder bristles
  2. Suitable disinfectant
  3. disinfection tub
  4. Ultrasonic cleaner for professionals
  5. If necessary, disinfectant wipes

Cleaning the nail design cutter:

To clean the cutter, first remove the bit. The cutter is first freed from nail dust residue using the coarse dusting brush. If you spot paint stains, you can wipe them off your cutter using appropriate products, such as nail polish remover. The entire cutter should then be wiped with a cellette soaked in a suitable disinfectant. If you work with a router in mains operation, you should also wipe the cable regularly. Alternatively, you can use already moistened disinfectant wipes - this is very convenient as a mobile nail designer, for example.

  • Remove dust and dirt with a brush
  • Wipe with disinfectant
  • Alternative: disinfectant wipes for on the go
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Cleaning nail cutter bits at home:

If you use the nail cutter bits in your home for your DIY nail design, you should still clean them thoroughly. To do this, take them out of the cutter and brush them with a dust brush to remove any coarse dirt. You then place the bits in a disinfection tray that you have filled with a suitable disinfectant. Follow the directions on the disinfectant package carefully for best results. Then place the nail cutter bits on a clean, dry piece of kitchen paper and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back in their storage.

Cleaning brush cutter
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Professional cleaning of nail cutter bits in the studio:

In the nail salon, the various nail cutter bits are constantly used and there are correspondingly large quantities of attachments that have to be cleaned and disinfected after each customer. First, the coarse dirt is removed with a dust brush. Our nail designer recommends that studios purchase an ultrasound device in order to be able to clean as many instruments as possible very thoroughly and safely in a short time. Using the ultrasonic cleaner is uncomplicated:

  1. Place the bits to be cleaned in the tub of the ultrasonic cleaner
  2. Fill in disinfectant and water according to the manufacturer's instructions
  3. Set the timer to the specified time
  4. Use the cleaning time for other tasks
  5. Once you've finished cleaning, let the bits dry on a clean paper towel
  6. Place the bits in professional storage until the next use
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