Nageldesign für Nouruz 🧡 Schöne Nägel fürs persische Frühjahrsfest

Nail design for Nowruz 🧡 Beautiful nails for the Persian spring festival

Are you looking for the perfect nail design for Nowruz? We'll tell you which colors look particularly stylish and which nail art you can use to celebrate the festival elegantly and appropriately. Around 300 million people have been celebrating Nowruz (also Nowruz or Newroz) every year in Iran, the Black Sea region, Central Asia and many other areas for more than 3,000 years to start a new year and celebrate spring. UNESCO included this day in the list of masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

Nail design: which colors for Nowruz?

The spring-like colors in trendy pastel tones are ideal for the Persian spring festival . Fresh shades of green or turquoise as well as romantic and feminine shades of pink , rosé and purple are particularly popular at this time. It becomes particularly trendy with orange-pink colors such as salmon andcoral . To emphasize the festivity, you can also use mica and glitter - especially in gold and silver .

Blue tones
Aqua tones
Pink tones

Neon pink tones
Purple tones
Orange tones

Peach tones
Glitter gels
Gold & Silver

The best motifs for your Nowruz nail art?

Playful, romantic ornamental patterns , oriental-looking paisley motifs and modern geometric shapes are classics of nail art that also fit perfectly with the Iranian spring festival. In reserved versions, they are often also suitable for work in the office or jobs with customer contact. For your nail art for the Nowruz festival, you can be inspired by the traditional Haft Sin. These traditional seven elements (there can be more) are part of the traditional table decorations for the holiday and have a high symbolic power; their motifs make your nails a real eye-catcher. They include, among others:

  • Barley sprouts – cheerfulness
  • Malt from wheat – blessing
  • Garlic – protection
  • Whiteberries – seeds of life
  • Vinegar – joy
  • Spice sumac – taste of life
  • Apple – health
  • Eggs – Fertility
  • Coins – prosperity
  • Candles – fire
  • Goldfish – happiness
  • Mirror – honesty
  • Books – Wisdom
  • Hyacinths – friendship

Nail art stickers 3D Square
Nail Art Tattoo Fantasy & Dream
Spider Painitng Gel blue

Use Nowruz Nail Art correctly

For your Nowruz nail design, you can choose one or more of these protective lucky charm symbols. If you are looking for a subtle variant, choose a motif and place it as a decorative nail on one finger (preferably the ring finger) - white , light gray and nude tones are suitable as basic colors. This subtle look goes great with shorter square or almond-shaped nails, which can otherwise quickly appear overloaded. You can also choose ten of the Haft Sin symbols and place a different one on each finger. The motifs come into their own perfectly on longer nails, for example in ballerina or coffin shape.

  1. A haft sin symbol for jewelry nail
  2. Only single motif for short nails
  3. A Haft Sin symbol on each nail
  4. Eye-catching nail art for longer nails
  5. Coffin or ballerina nail shape

Our insider tip for professionals: Particularly spring-like, easy and extraordinary: Choose a white base and various fresh shades of green and use a fine striper brush to draw many small lines from the tip of the nail down to the nail root in the upper third of the nail. The light and dark green tones make them appear like stalks of barley. For a feminine look, you can add a red bow that looks as if its ribbon is holding the stalks together.

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