Herbst Trend Naildesign 2023

Autumn nail trends 2023: Beautiful nails for cozy hours

Fall 2023 is the perfect season to add a warm and cozy touch to your nail style. Fall manicures that capture the spirit of the season are a great way to complement your look. Here are our favorites for fall 2023, from classics to trendy colors that perfectly match the autumnal vibes:

Burgundy red:

Burgundy is one of the colors that perfectly embodies fall. This deep, sensual color is reminiscent of falling leaves and warm drinks. Opt for a deep burgundy color on your nails to add a touch of elegance and warmth. Dark red is a classic and always works!

Fall trend burgundy red nail design

Dark green:

Dark green is another color that represents fall brilliantly. It is reminiscent of lush forests and evergreen plants. A deep, classic dark green on your nails gives your look a natural and earthy touch.

Fall trend 2023 dark green nails
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