Haftung & Vorbereitung – so geht’s!

Liability & preparation – this is how it works!

“Good preparation of the nail is literally the basis for successful nail modeling, because the following products only have a reliable hold on a perfectly prepared nail,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. For this reason, she always recommends thorough preparation of the nail, which, in addition to removing gel or varnish residue , also includes a careful manicure and smoothing out any major unevenness. Whether you use nail polish , Shellac , UV polish , acrylic or gel makes no difference - all products stick better to a well-prepared nail and thank you for it with improved adhesion and durability .

3 mistakes in preparation & adhesion in nail design

Have you followed all the steps and the artificial nail still doesn't last long or draws air? Our expert has put together three mistakes that sometimes go unnoticed when preparing the nail and can have a negative impact on the adhesive result:

1. Cuticles not carefully removed

Good preparation includes removing the cuticles - these should be carefully pushed back. Rosewood sticks , liquid cuticle remover or other accessories can be used for this. If the cuticle is not removed properly, subsequent products may also be applied to the skin. Since this “moves” or can detach over time due to the growth of the nail, it does not offer a firm hold and the material can chip or draw air - all systems from nail polish to UV nail polish and Shellac to acrylic and gel are affected affected.

Rosewood sticks
Cuticle knife
Cuticle remover

2. Nail not degreased or matted

The nail itself should be degreased and matted before applying modeling or color and after proper preparation. Special cleaners are used for degreasing . Matting is done with a buffer or a very fine file .

High gloss cleaner
Buffer nail file
Buffer sanding block set

3. Touch nail after degreasing

If the nail has been degreased and matted, it should no longer come into contact with bare skin - neither from the nail designer nor from the customer herself. If possible, the customer should no longer touch her face or push her hair back - all of these processes can cause damage Natural oils from the skin get back on the nail and negatively affect its durability.

Adhesion & primer for hold during nail modeling

In nail design, adhesive gel is referred to as adhesion - this gel is the first thing that is applied to the nail during nail modeling and therefore plays a crucial role in the durability of the artificial nail. It forms the base layer for further construction and ensures networking between the natural nail and the following gel layers. Beforehand, a primer , a liquid adhesive base , can be applied thinly to the natural nail with a brush. It degreases the nail again and ensures that the nail can bond optimally with the adhesive layer . In this way , the primer helps ensure that the artificial nail can draw less air and that the nail modeling stays on the nail as long and firmly as possible.

  • Adhesive gel is the first layer of gel on the natural nail
  • Foundation stone for nail construction
  • Combination of natural nails and nail modeling
  • Primer : Liquid adhesive primer
  • Degrease nail
  • Connect adhesive gel and natural nail
  • Better adhesion

Adhesive gels
All-round gels


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