Gelmodellage in der Schwangerschaft

Gel modeling during pregnancy

Beautiful, well-groomed hands and feet are a given for many mothers, even during pregnancy. The pregnant woman is often the center of attention - at doctor's appointments or the baby shower party, all eyes are on the expectant mother. A manicure with gel modeling offers many opportunities to strengthen your natural nails and try out great colors or try out cute nail art.

Nail problems during pregnancy 🤰

The change in hormones during pregnancy can lead to brittle and soft nails that quickly tear or split, says nail designer Stefanie. A healthy diet and appropriate care can support the nails. In some cases it can make sense to get used to short nails during pregnancy - after the birth it is easier to handle the baby if the nails are not too long. If your nails break very often or you don't want to do without longer nails, you can also use gel modeling during pregnancy. This can give brittle nails strength and stability.

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Beautiful gel nails during pregnancy 🤩

For beautiful nails during pregnancy, you should use gel nails because they are based on tested plastics. Unlike acrylic , no product dust can be inhaled. You should avoid Shellac during pregnancy, because Acton is needed to remove it, which further dries out the nails that are already damaged by the hormonal changes. You can apply conventional nail polish during your pregnancy, but you should ensure there is good ventilation - it's best to sit next to an open window.

Tips from nail designer Stefanie for beautiful gel nails during pregnancy 💡

Pregnant women's nails can be more sensitive than usual: they break more easily or draw air, which creates unsightly spots under the gel nails, explains nail expert Stefanie. An experienced nail designer can quickly repair broken gel nails. Stefanie also recommends choosing a solid color during this time or at least a shimmer or glitter so that errors caused by air bubbles are not visible.

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The right nail salon for gel nails during pregnancy ✅

You should make sure to choose a good nail salon, especially for gel modeling during pregnancy. Hygiene should be the top priority here so that you don't get dangerous infections or nail fungus. Furthermore, the work tables should have an exhaust system so that you do not inhale the fumes and dust from the manicure and gel modeling. When visiting the nail salon, you should always say that you are pregnant so that the nail technicians know and can advise you accordingly.

Beautiful nails during pregnancy 💅 - our 3 questions for nail expert Stefanie.

ND24: How important is hygiene for pregnant women in the nail salon?
Nail designer Stefanie: Nail designer Stefanie: I generally treat all customers in the nail salon the same. For me, hygiene is always an important issue and this is also a top priority for pregnant women. Unclean tools can transmit infections and fungal diseases, which can lead to complications.

ND24: Paints, varnishes, gels - what do you pay particular attention to when doing pregnant women's nails?
Nail designer Stefanie: When it comes to pregnant women, I take great care to ensure that the skin around the nail does not come into contact with products containing acetone. I remove the solvent quickly so it can't be absorbed.

ND24: What do you recommend to expectant mothers when it comes to nail design?
Nail designer Stefanie: I recommend that expectant mothers file their nails shorter, especially when the due date is approaching. On the one hand, it is usually easier for mothers to handle the baby with shorter nails at the beginning. On the other hand, it is not clear whether the expected due date will actually be adhered to or whether there are other complications, meaning that the original rhythm of nail making cannot be maintained - those who have shorter nails then have a little more leeway in terms of time. For this reason, I also advise against bright colors, as it would be too obvious that the nails would grow out. I would prefer to choose subtle shades that look well-groomed for a long time.


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