Die Bedeutung der Nagelhautpflege vor einer Nagelmodellage

The importance of cuticle care before nail modeling

“The nail modeling doesn’t last or looks outgrown after a short time? Then the cuticles can be the secret troublemaker,” says our nail designer Nini.

For many people, nail care and design are an expression of aesthetics and a well-groomed appearance. But as important as painting or modeling is, an often underestimated but fundamental step in the nail care process is the correct removal of the cuticles. The cuticle serves as a natural protection for the nail matrix, where nail growth begins. Improper removal can lead not only to aesthetic problems, but also to health problems. So before you resort to color gel, varnish or other embellishments, you should carefully consider the correct procedure for removing the cuticles.

The importance of cuticle care before nail modeling

4 questions for our nail expert Nini

Correct cuticle removal lays the foundation for a well-groomed and healthy nail appearance and a durable nail design. Our nail designer Nini will tell you in an interview how best to proceed!

ND24: Why is removing the cuticles in your eyes so important?

Nail designer Nini: “The cuticle that we see on the top of the nail doesn’t necessarily need to be removed. But the invisible cuticle that sticks tightly to the nail should definitely be pushed back. Although the resulting role does not necessarily have to be removed, for aesthetic reasons I recommend doing so. This is how you achieve flawless nail design results on your nails. The advantage: The more thoroughly the cuticle is removed, the closer the modeling can be brought to the edge of the nail, which means it lasts longer. However, you should be particularly careful, especially at the beginning. Removing it too aggressively can be painful and damage the nail.”

ND24: Where should I be particularly careful when removing the cuticles?

Nail designer Nini: “Special attention should be paid to the nail moon. You should be particularly careful with nails where the nail moon is very visible. This area marks the beginning of the matrix. Pressing or cutting the skin too hard can damage the nail and cause pain. In general, it’s better to cut off too little than too much of the skin.”

ND24: What happens if I remove the cuticles improperly?

Nail designer Nini: “If the cuticle is not removed properly, this can lead to adhesion problems with the modelling. Therefore, removing the cuticles properly is essential for flawless looks.”

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