Dein perfektes Nageldesign zu Weihnachten

Your perfect nail design for Christmas

Contemplative candlelight, colorful gingerbread houses and the smell of the Christmas tree – the Christmas season at the end of a busy year has its own charm, which is also reflected in nail design. Family gatherings, going to church, Christmas parties with the company or a visit to the Christmas market invite you to design your nails according to the season with an attractive Christmas nail design. Traditional Christmas colors and winter motifs are classics that always look good during Advent and are very popular.

3 reasons for ❤️ Red: Timeless classic with many faces

Red is one of the classic Christmas colors that not only determines the X-Mas decorations every year, but is also often found on Christmas nails. In popular belief, the warm color represents love and life; it is associated with energy and dynamism. “In the studio, most customers choose red for their nails at Christmas time. This color is perfect because in nail design it is offered in a wide variety of tones, so that everyone can find a shade that suits their personal style," says our nail designer Stefanie, explaining the popularity of the color red in nail design at Christmas time . Red is often combined with the colors green and white, whose symbolic power stands for Christmas itself, because red is a symbol of the suffering of Christ, while green stands for hope and the birth of Jesus and, according to tradition, white is said to be a sign of innocence . “My personal choice of color for Christmas is clear: red on all nails and on each hand, the ring finger with silver glitter becomes a decorative nail that is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!” says our nail designer Stefanie.

  1. Color of love & warmth
  2. Many shades of red to choose from
  3. Ingenious combination with glitter & other Christmas colors possible
UV gels RED
Nail art RED
Paint RED

Nail design for Christmas: glitter in gold, silver and champagne ✨

“Some customers are brave at Christmas and choose sparkling glitter in gold, silver or champagne , which, as a full cover on all nails, creates a breathtaking nail design,” explains our expert. This look is not only ideal for Christmas and gives this time a special highlight, but it also goes perfectly with the following New Year's Eve celebration. Glitter in gold and silver or tinsel in red may not be possible in every job in everyday life, but they are an absolute eye-catcher for the holidays at the end of the year. Your advantage: These colors go with all outfits and give every style a festive touch thanks to their attractive play of light. An office-appropriate glitter classic is a classic French manicure with a glittery, thin smile line at the end on all nails.

  • Full cover with glitter
  • Silver
  • gold
  • champagne
  • Glitter in red
  • Festive touch for all outfits
  • Classic French with glitter line
Effect gels gold
Effect gels silver
Metallic gel effect

Christmas: Magical nail design with crystals and rhinestones 💍

“Glistening snow, warm light in the dark season and shimmering decorative balls – the sparkle and glitter ensure festive brightness in the weeks of the year with the least daylight. At Christmas time it can just be a little more and sparkling stones on the nails are always a good choice that is popular in the nail salon," explains our expert. In addition to the full cover in glitter look, you can also opt for individual sparkling eye-catchers on your nails at Christmas. Swarovski nail crystals are particularly suitable here because they refract the light beautifully and create an exclusive play of light on your nails. You can also use rhinestones and incorporate them into your nail art - they create subtle highlights that also look good in the office and appear elegant. Use crystals and rhinestones either as individual beauties on a decorative nail, such as the ring finger or little finger, or let them become elegant elements of extraordinary nail art.

Nail art rhinestones
Overlay Mix Diamond
Overlay Mix X-Mas

Modern Christmas nails: Mirror Chrome look with mirror shine 💛

Would you like a nail design with a WOW effect? Are you looking for a modern and trendy alternative for your Christmas nail design? Then choose the Mirror Chrome look on your nails. The surface of this phenomenal nail design is characterized by its fascinating mirror shine and can be a brilliant alternative to classic nail designs in colors such as gold, silver and red. Breathtakingly beautiful and extraordinary, this sensational nail design gives the last days of the year a special touch. “In everyday life, this mirror chrome look is sometimes too noticeable, but I think it's just right for the holidays - with its flawless surface, it offers an elegant and festive look that boasts trend-conscious strength!” says our expert.

  • Mirror chrome look
  • With mirror shine
  • Chrome nails in gold, silver & red
  • Classy & festive
  • Trend conscious

Pigment starter set
Galaxy Holographic Pigment
Mirror Chrome Pigment

Nail art for Christmas🎄

“The time at the end of the year is perfect for nail art because most people are on vacation and can now have more confidence when it comes to nail design,” says our expert Stefanie. In the studio at this time, customers particularly like to use classic Christmas and winter motifs such as snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, candy canes or icicles, reports the nail designer. The beautiful and atmospheric motifs can be applied as practical nail tattoos or as nail art stickers . Romantic patterns can be easily conjured up on the nails with nail art stamping and create fascinating looks. Our nail designer recommends: "Nail art works particularly well on long nails because they offer more space - that's why your Christmas nail design can be accompanied by longer nails than usual if you really want to showcase the winter motifs!"

  • Nail tattoos with winter motifs
  • Nail art stickers for Christmas
  • Christmas nail design with stamping

Nail art tattoo 01
Nail art tattoo 02
Nail art tweezers


Nail design for Christmas: How long beforehand to get your nails done?

Our expert advises you not to implement your Christmas nail design too quickly before Christmas, because most people still have a lot to do a few days before Christmas Eve in order to prepare festivities or buy presents. Avoid the stress and do your nails with some time. However, this cannot be done too far in advance, otherwise the beautiful designs may already have outgrown them. Depending on how quickly your nail grows, our nail designer recommends that you have your nails done 10 to 14 days before Christmas Eve: "Then they haven't grown out yet, but you have the last week before the holidays free for important errands!"

  • Not too soon before the holidays – avoid stress!
  • Not too long before the holidays – nails grow out
  • Get your nails done 10-14 days before Christmas Eve
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