Classic, Manga & Anime: Nageldesign im Asia Look

Classic, Manga & Anime: Nail design in an Asian look

Nail design with Asian flair takes the senses to a distant world. You can choose traditional motifs and colors, but you can also implement modern Asian manga style trends on your nails. The special thing about Asian nail art: Especially if you choose traditional symbols and colors, these have special meanings in the traditions. Let us inspire you to bring your nail design to life with Far Eastern charm.

Our expert explains: Which colors for Asian nail design?

The classic color red with its many nuances is an excellent choice for traditional Chinese-style nail design, says our nail designer. In the Far East, the powerful color represents joy and happiness as well as the heart. It offers the perfect basis for high-contrast black or white characters and symbols - these combinations look particularly appealing. The color green is also popular because it stands for life and symbolizes spring - the best choice for spring-like Asian nail design. Also very popular is the imperial yellow , which symbolizes wealth, among other things. Red appears particularly elegant and luxurious in combination with shimmering gold.

White tones
Black tones
Red tones

Green tones
Yellow tones
Gold tones

Asia nail design: Elegant motifs for your nails

For nail art with an Asian look, you can also opt for traditional Japanese symbols, says our expert. The cherry blossom is particularly delicate, romantic and beautiful - you can easily bring this delicate beauty to your nails with the right nail art tattoos. They look particularly good on soft base colors such as pink, rosé and nude , but also look enchanting on white. You can complement the classic Japanese motif with birds such as swallows to give your nail design a special liveliness.

Chinese & Japanese nail art motifs

In Japan, the cherry blossom symbolizes feminine beauty and the swallow is considered a lucky charm that ensures success. Butterflies , a Chinese symbol of love, can also decorate your Asian nail design. Another interesting motif that you can easily conjure up on your nails yourself using fine stripers is the yin and yang symbol , which symbolizes the balance of forces. Last but not least, you can use the fine stripers to put Asian characters and symbols such as panda, bamboo or crane on your nails - get inspired by the Chinese characters:

Nail Art Tattoo Blossom
Nail Art Tattoo Spring & Summer
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Manga & Anime Nail Design

Are you into manga and anime? Japanese comics and cartoons are very popular - you can use their style elements as a guide for your Asian look. You can let your imagination run wild with this. Trendy pink and cool ice cream colors such as Pink Bubble , Pastel Metallic Rose , Sky Blue , Pistachio or Tropical Dream create great effects, explains our expert. If you are enthusiastic about nail art and are already practiced, you can put figures and shapes from the manga world on your nails. Alternatively, you can find interesting beauties for your manga look among the nail stickers, such as unicorns , vintage keys , romantic bows or sexy corsages .

Nail Art Tattoo Fantasy & Dream
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