Aura Nails

Aura Nails: Fascinating nail trend for all zodiac signs

Aura nails look extraordinary and their extravagance also delights everyone who loves horoscopes! This look is individually tailored to each zodiac sign and offers lots of color play. The Aura Nails trend reflects the unique signature of each zodiac sign on the fingernails. This special and mysterious charisma that is unique to every person shapes the design of this nail polish trend for astrology lovers.

What do the Aura Nails mean?

An aura is a term used in spiritual contexts to describe the energetic radiance or presence of a living being. It is believed that every living being is surrounded by an aura that can be perceived as subtle energy or light phenomenon. This energy is often represented as a color spectrum and is said to provide information about a person's emotional, physical and spiritual state. People who believe in auras interpret the colors and patterns of an aura to gain insight into a person's emotions, health, and spiritual aspects. Depending on the tradition or spiritual teaching, the meanings of the colors can vary. The Aura Nails rely on the individual characteristics and energies of the different zodiac signs, which are represented on the fingernails in the form of color combinations. This is a creative interpretation of the concept of aura for nail design.

Nail design: Which aura color for your zodiac sign?

Spirited, passionate, calm or relaxed - the design of Aura Nails relies on the energy that comes from your zodiac sign. This energy is often represented as a color spectrum of warm and cold tones that flow into one another like a radiant halo of light. For Aura Nails, two or more colors are usually combined on the fingernails. The primary color forms a circle in the middle from which it merges into the other colors. This combination creates a dynamic and unique look that ranges from bright to calm, pastel versions.

The choice of aura color can be based on your zodiac sign:

  • Capricorn ( White and Gray ): The neutral colors of white and gray suit the serious and determined nature of Capricorn, who is known for his ambition and sense of responsibility.
  • Aquarius ( Yellow and Green ): The creative colors of yellow and green suit the unconventional and imaginative nature of Aquarius, which is popular for its originality and social attitude.
  • Aries ( Orange and Red ): Aries is full of energy and passion, so the bold colors of orange and red fit his dynamic character perfectly.

  • Taurus ( dark green and brown ): Taurus's earthiness is reflected in the natural colors of dark green and brown, which symbolize his patience and endurance.
  • Gemini ( Yellow and Pink ): The cheerful colors of yellow and pink suit the versatile Gemini, who are known for their communicative and curious nature.
  • Cancer ( Pink and Light Blue ): The soft colors of pink and light blue reflect the emotional depth of Cancer, who is loved for their empathy and caring.
  • Leo ( Orange and Gold ): The bright colors of orange and gold match the royal charisma of the lion, who likes to be in the spotlight and exudes self-confidence.
  • Virgo ( Blue and Gray ): The sober elegance of blue and gray suits the precise and analytical nature of Virgo, known for its organization and detail-orientation.
  • Libra ( light blue and green ): The harmonious colors of light blue and green suit the balancing and diplomatic nature of Libra, which strives for balance and beauty.
  • Scorpio ( Purple and Black ): The mysterious colors of purple and black suit the intense and profound character of Scorpio, who is admired for his passion and determination.
  • Sagittarius ( turquoise and dark green ): The nature-loving colors of light blue and dark green match the optimistic and freedom-loving character of Sagittarius, who is always striving for new horizons.
  • Pisces ( Blue and Purple ): The dreamy colors of blue and purple suit the intuitive and empathetic nature of Pisces, who are known for their sensitivity and creativity.

Which technique for perfect aura nails?

The Aura Nails are implemented by nail designers using an airbrush technique or the wet-on-wet technique with Shellac. If you want to try it at home, all you need is a small nail polish sponge to dab the color onto your nails. The technique is simple and requires a few tries to achieve the desired effect. Aura Nails offer an exciting way to express your individual style and astrological connection. Have fun trying out this fascinating nail polish trend!

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