12 Trends und Klassiker: Welche Farben & Nageldesigns sind im Sommer angesagt?

12 trends and classics: Which colors & nail designs are popular in summer?

This summer there is a nail trend for everyone 🤩: glitter and mica ✨ are just as popular as delicate nude tones or a fresh peach , explains nail designer Stefanie. The classic red is still on trend and can provide a wonderful splash of color all year round. Great effects on tanned skin can be seen with dark shades that appear elegant and extraordinary. Color blocking is also popular in nail design, combining two shades or a nude and a clearly separated shade on one nail. Nail art ornail stickers in the summer time ☀️ mainly show flowers 🌸 and floral patterns, but also butterflies , birds or maritime elements such as anchors, shells and starfish. Matching nail designs for beach vacations feature palm trees, Aztec patterns and animal prints in eye-catching colors.


1.Glitter and mica
2. Soft nude tones

3. Refreshing Peach
4. Classic red

5. Elegant dark shades
6. Color blocking with multiple colors

7. Floral Patterns & Flowers
8. Butterflies & Birds

9. Maritime elements
10. Palm trees

11. Aztec pattern
12. Animal prints

Tips from expert Stefanie: The right nail design in summer

Trends and classics – nail design also has a lot to offer in summer. Expert Stefanie tells you her secrets for beautiful summer nails.

ND24: Is aFrench manicure popular in summer?
Nail designer Stefanie: TheFrench manicure can be worn at any time of the year and for any occasion. It is a real classic and is often chosen in the summer by customers who work in high-end customer contact. In order to make the traditional French design a little more summery, an ultra white is chosen for the line at the tip of the nail, which looks particularly great on brown skin.

ND24: What color can your customers not do without in summer?
Nail designer Stefanie: Coral , or coral, in different shades is the absolute favorite that my customers love in summer and goes well with many events. The color puts you in a good mood, radiates full of energy and still looks warm - a real must-have in hot temperatures. It's not for nothing that the legendary Pantone team chose the color Living Coral as the trend color for 2019.

ND24: Do your customers have more confidence when it comes to nail design in summer?
Nail designer Stefanie: Most of my customers choose more eye-catching designs in the summer and also like to use more extravagant colors, for example in a neon look . Especially those who generally wear discreet nails because of their job often opt for unusual designs for their summer vacation in order to enjoy the freedom.

ND24: Glittering summer nails – in or out?
Nail designer Stefanie: I always find a beautiful metallic shimmer on nails very appealing in summer. The play of sunlight is captured and gives each nail a special depth. If you like it more eye-catching, you can of course also use larger metallic elements on the nail - that's a matter of taste. A sparkling and elegant alternative are glitter stones on one nail on each hand.

Hands and feet in summer – do the nails have to match?

In winter the toenails sometimes lead a shadowy existence in thick wool socks, but in summer they show off in all their glory in summer sandals. For a long time it was considered particularly stylish when hands and feet were painted in the same color so that a uniform overall look was created for every outfit. However, most customers today opt for a different option, reveals nail expert Stefanie: they choose powerful colors for their toenails and prefer gentle nude tones on their fingernails. The beautiful colors draw attention to the feet, so they should definitely be cared for. For this purpose, regular gentle removal of the calluses as well as applying cream and pushing back the cuticles are recommended. However, nail designer Stefanie warns against quick actions: Anyone who rabidly removes the entire callus on their feet shortly before an important date, such as a wedding, can expect painful blisters when walking in pumps and sandals in the next few days. Furthermore, minor injuries can lead to inflammation. Continuous care, on the other hand, ensures soft, well-groomed feet - especially great when the weather unexpectedly turns out to be better than expected and open shoes can be worn.

• Traditional: same color for hands and feet
• Modern variant: toenails in a striking color, fingernails in nude shades
• Care for feet regularly
• Do not remove too much callus at once
• Avoid minor injuries – risk of inflammation!

! Self-tanner in summer - extra tip from nail designer Stefanie:

If you like to boost your tan in the summer and use self-tanner, you should only apply it with gloves. Otherwise the product will settle on the nails and their edges and cannot be completely removed even by rinsing properly. The result is unsightly yellowish discoloration that lasts a long time and creates an unkempt appearance.


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