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Tip Box Curve

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With the Tip Box Curve classic you get high-quality artificial nail tips for artificial fingernail modeling. The tips are specifically curved more at the C-curve and arch than conventional nail tips and adapt to a variety of nail shapes. These tips with short adhesive surfaces are often used in nail salons. With these tips you can create nail designs using all nail modeling techniques. The nail tips are made of elastic material and ensure a natural look.


In order for the tip to hold optimally and not to develop any tension, it must be correctly adjusted. If it is too wide it lies on the skin - if it is too narrow and pressed on too tightly, tension or unsightly edges will occur. The tip must be flush with the natural nail on the left and right without any pressure. If the nail bed is very small and the adhesive surface is too large, it can be shortened to approx. 4-5 mm with a tip cutter. The tip is only glued to the natural nail once the cuticle has been removed and all gel residue has been removed. Apply enough nail glue to the specified adhesive surface - it's better to use a little too much than too little.

Place the tip on the adhesive edge, at a 90° angle to the fingernail, on the tip of the nail and align the tip so that it fits correctly at the side and sits straight. Then slowly lower the tip and make sure that the glue is distributed correctly. The slow release gives the glue time to spread so that no air bubbles form. Make sure that the tip is not edged over, otherwise it will come loose at the front of the nail tip and air bubbles will form. When the tip lies flat, approx. 5 seconds. Hold it firmly and then wipe off any excess nail glue with a cell phone.

When all the tips are in place, they are shortened to the desired length with a tip cutter and carefully filed into shape. The transition from the tip to the natural nail still needs to be filed so that it looks as natural as possible. To make this process easier you can use Tip-Blender. The transition is filed with a 180 file so that the natural nail is not affected and you can no longer see that a tip has been glued on. In this move, the entire tip is matted with the file. There should be no shiny spots left!

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