Wie finde ich die richtige Tipgröße?

How do I find the right tip size?

Beautiful long nails even though your natural nail is too short? When modeling with gel or acrylic, the missing nail length can be easily created using the right tips. The elastic nail tips are elements for artificial nail extensions. They are made of high-quality plastic, which ensures stability and durability. The nail tips are available in different sizes, shapes and lengths.

Why is the correct tip size so important? 👍

The tips should end with the natural nails. If you choose the tip too large, a protrusion can occur, which, for example, presses into the cuticle and can lead to painful inflammation, explains nail designer Stefanie. It can also draw air, which impairs durability and can lead to infections if, for example, water and dirt get under the tip and onto the nail. However, if you choose the tip too small, this can also have a negative impact on the appearance and durability. The customer can also complain about unpleasant feelings of pressure and tension, explains the expert.

Tip too small
Tip too big
Tip suitable

📘 3 important terms for choosing the right nail tip:

In addition to the shape, there are three important points when choosing the right nail tip - they give the nail tip its appearance and determine its area of ​​application.


In nail design, the C curve is the shape of the nail that you see when you look at the nail from the front - here you see a horizontal "C" , which gives this shape its name. Symmetry is important here, otherwise the result will quickly appear uneven.


If you look at the nail from the side, it shows a curvature called an arch. Especially with gel modeling, a well-shaped arch is important for the durability of the gel modeling and gives it an attractive contour.


Since the arch runs in an arch, it forms a highest point when viewed from the side, which is called the apex.

C curve

Which tip shape?

There are many different tip shapes on offer that are suitable for different areas of use. There are classics that always look good, and there are special beauties that create an extraordinary look. The tips should be chosen to suit the customer's personal style, hand and nail shape and everyday life, because those who work with animals or children, for example, usually avoid sharp nails such as stiletto nails in order not to cause injuries, explains the nail designer.

💜 Classic tips : They offer a straight shape, with neither C-curves nor arches, and which therefore suits almost every nail shape.

💜 Curve nail tips: This tip variant has a pronounced C-curve and is also more curved at the arch than the classic tips. This shape is particularly popular in nail design and is often used in nail salons because it can be filed and edited in a variety of ways.

💜 Ballerina Tips: These tips offer the ballerina shape and can also be filed into a slim square shape.

💜 Tips for Stiletto Nails: The Stiletto Nails are characterized by their tapered tip. Stiletto Tips are ideal for creating this unusual nail shape evenly on all nails.

Tip Classic
Tip curve
Tip Easy Fit

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