Welche Base für mein Nageldesign

Which base for my nail design?

When you enter the fascinating world of nail design, you will quickly realize that a solid foundation - the so-called "base" - is crucial. Before you start playing with colors, shapes, and creative designs, let's talk about this crucial first step. “Imagine the base in nail design like the foundation of a house. Without a stable foundation, the house can become unstable, and the same goes for your nail design. A good base ensures that whatever is built on it is strong and durable. “It not only connects the natural nail and the model, but also ensures that the design looks even and flawless,” explains our nail designer Nini.

Why is the base so important?

The base provides a sticky surface to which nail polish, acrylic, acrylic gel, shellac or gel can adhere. It also evens out any imperfections and prevents colors or products from coming into direct contact with your natural nail, reducing the risk of discoloration or damage. There are different types of bases depending on what products you want to use and what nail type you have. From special bases for oily nails to those that even out unevenness - there is a suitable base for everyone.

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The right base for your nail design: 6 questions for the expert

Next time you're sitting in front of your nail design products and wondering where to start, remember: It all starts with a solid base. This step may seem inconspicuous, but it can make the difference between a nail design that only lasts a few days and one that stays flawless for weeks. Our nail designer Nini tells you in an interview what you should pay attention to when it comes to the base.

ND24: Nini, a question that comes to us again and again and that is obviously on the minds of many: Am I using the right adhesive gel? Can you tell us why the adhesive gel is so important?

Nail designer Nini: “Of course! The adhesive gel is extremely important in nail modeling. Many people have the problem that the modeling does not hold up despite the best preparation and the use of premium gels. In most cases this is because the adhesive gel is not the right one for the respective nail type.”

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