Rubber Base Gel: Die Revolution in der Nagelmodellage

Rubber Base Gel: The revolution in nail modeling

“The Rubber Base Gel offers a revolutionary innovation in nail design! There will be more and more of these special gels in the future because they are simply a top product in the premium class,” says our nail expert Nini. The new Rubber Base Gel combines the best properties of an adhesive and builder gel with a pleasant application consistency and flexibility on the nail.

7 questions for the expert about Rubber Base Gel

The Rubber Base Flex Gel is just right for you if you are looking for a reliable base and builder gel. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, this product will delight you and take your nail care to the next level. Our expert Nini will explain to you what advantages the product offers and how to use it.

1. ND24: What is a rubber base actually?

Nail designer Nini: “Basically, this is a base gel. However, what sets it apart from other gels is its texture. It is more flexible and particularly suitable for natural nails due to its thin, soft consistency. There are different types of rubber base gels. For example, the “Rubber Base Flexgel” , which has a low viscosity and is easily applied from a brush bottle. Then there is the “Soak Off Rubber Base”, which comes out of the jar like a thin-viscosity builder gel and is ideal for strengthening natural nails.”

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