Nageldesigns für das erste Date: Eindrucksvoll & authentisch

Nail designs for the first date: impressive & authentic

“Which nail polish color do I actually look best with? What would suit my first date with him?” – If you’ve ever asked yourself this before a meeting, we have the answer for you! Surely you know this: The first date is approaching and the excitement is building. Not only the outfit and make-up play an important role, the nails also need to be perfectly presented. They can say a lot about a person and are an important part of their overall appearance. But which nail design is best for the first date? Here are some ideas and tips for making an unforgettable first impression:

Top 5 nail designs for the first date

Our nail expert Nini has picked out the most beautiful colors and looks for your nails so that nothing goes wrong with nail design on the first date. It is also based on studies that have shown which colors men find particularly attractive on women. Get inspired!

Nail designs for the first date: impressive & authentic

Discreet look & naturally beautiful

  • Natural look with care: If colored nail polish isn't your thing, then go for natural, well-groomed nails. A clear care varnish , a gentle shape and healthy cuticles are often worth more than an elaborate design.
  • Nude: A subtle nude or a soft pink is timelessly elegant and looks well-groomed without being too much in the foreground. They go with almost every outfit and every occasion.
  • French Manicure: This classic is always a good choice. It looks elegant but not exaggerated and is particularly suitable if you are unsure about which color would suit your outfit.
  • Subtle shine: A subtle glitter topcoat over a natural color or a nail polish with a subtle shimmer can make your nails shine without being too overpowering.

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