Nageldesign-Übungsblätter: Transfer-Motive fürs Nageldesign selbst machen

Nail design practice sheets: Make your own transfer motifs for nail design

Make DIY stickers for your nails? Very easy with the nail design practice sheets! “The sheets are practical templates with delicate motifs that you can use to improve your nail design skills and easily make cool nail art stickers to suit your taste,” explains our nail designer Nini.

Nail design practice sheets – what you need to know!

We asked our nail expert Nini how best to work with the nail design exercise sheets - let's get started!

ND24: How exactly does it work with the exercise sheets?

Nail designer Nini: “ Free PDF downloads are available on the homepage , which contain various images and motifs for nail design, for example for autumn or Halloween . These can be printed out and laminated or placed in cling film if required, which is ideal for practice. The principle is simple: You create motifs with fine lines based on the templates by applying very thin colored gels to “color in” the motifs and then harden them. After it has hardened, apply a sealing gel over it, let it harden again, carefully peel off the design and apply it directly to the nail by pressing it onto the sweat layer. You can then integrate your DIY sticker into the builder or sealer layer - this will give your nail design a long shelf life!”

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