Easy & hygienisch: Aufbewahrung im Nageldesign

Easy & hygienic: storage in nail design

Brush holders , quiver sets , bit holders or displaysthere are a variety of practical options for storage in nail design . They ensure that you can quickly sort your utensils away or present the products professionally to your customers. This will not only help you score points in the studio, but also when designing your nails at home and keep things tidy.

Why is proper storage so important in nail design?

Hygiene is the top priority in a professional nail salon - professional storage is essential for this, explains our expert. She relies on high-quality storage solutions to protect tools from dust and contamination, to simplify work and to always have an overview of her products and instruments. The experienced nail designer also knows that proper storage can have a positive impact on the shelf life of instruments and products, such as gels or hand creams - saving money in the long run!

  1. hygiene
  2. Work easier & keep an overview
  3. Longer shelf life
  4. save money

Trolley Cassandra
Brush box
Brush file quiver set

3 expert tips for storage in nail design:

Our nail designer Stefanie has three tips from the studio for you to help you store your instruments and products correctly.

Hygiene during storage

Hygiene plays an important role, especially in studio operations, but also when doing nails at home. When it comes to storage, this means that only accessories and products that have been carefully cleaned and disinfected are put away.

Protection against contamination

The storage in the nail design should be closed so that file dust and impurities have no chance to settle. In general, high temperatures, sun and moisture should also not be able to reach your equipment.

Fixed places

All instruments and products, especially in the commercial sector, should have a fixed place where they are always stored. This saves time and nerves - annoying searching becomes unnecessary!

Store nail design brushes

For nail design professionals, brushes are among the most important work tools. In order to preserve their usefulness for as long as possible, they should be carefully cleaned and dried after each use so that the sensitive, fine hair is not damaged. Special brush holders are used for this purpose , in which the brushes are simply placed horizontally and so do not come into contact with each other or with the surface. At the workplace itself, the brushes can also be stored in practical brush holders - so they are quickly at hand and still in good hands. High-quality brush boxes in which the brushes can be safely transported are suitable for mobile designers, at home or on vacation .

  • Brush holder for the studio
  • Brush quiver for the workplace
  • Brush boxes for on the go

Brush holder
Brush box
Design utility box

Practical helpers for everyday studio life

In addition to the classic storage options, there are other interesting assistants that support you with your professional nail design in the studio. Magnet holders are particularly practical , where bits and other magnetic instruments can be stored - this is super convenient for the workplace because you then have all your things in one place and nothing can get lost. The correct storage of cellettes, which are very often used in nail design, should not be underestimated. Cellulose boxes and corresponding dispensers are the perfect extras to protect the small cotton pads from contamination and to make them easy to use. In order to present nail polishes or nail art such as crystals to your customers in an appealing way, purchasing appropriate displays can be helpful. Here the products find a dust-free place, cannot fall over and are still clearly visible so that you can show them clearly and the customer can view them from all sides.

Bit holder
Design cellette box The Cube
Lacquer display

4 questions for the nail designer: Professional storage for your equipment

Our expert Stefanie answered four questions for us about correct and professional storage in nail design. It explains to you how to store your products and instruments carefully and how to avoid storage errors.

ND24: How do you store hand creams & masks for sale? Nail designer Stefanie: I want to be able to present the hand creams or masks that I have for sale in my studio well to my customers - for this reason I have placed stands and shelves in which I set up the products directly on the table or in the studio . I usually put out a tester so my customers can try out the smell and consistency.

ND24: Do you have hand cream at your workplace? Nail designer Stefanie: I choose a hand cream that suits the season and put it directly on my work table so that it is immediately available to me after every manicure or modeling. In summer I choose lighter creams with a fruity scent, while in winter the hand creams and masks can be richer to perfectly care for the skin.

ND24: No-go's when storing products in the nail salon? Nail designer Stefanie: Neither care products such as hand creams and masks, nor liquids and color accessories such as gel, acrylic or nail polish should be stored in direct sunlight or near a heater. They belong in the drawers in place, which should protect them from external temperature and light influences so that they retain their high quality and are still quickly available to me. Here the products remain free of file dust and other contaminants.

ND24: How do you store router bits?
Nail designer Stefanie: After I have cleaned them, I store the cutter attachments in a bit holder in a drawer of my nail design table. To work, I place the respective bits and grinders, like all other instruments, on a piece of kitchen roll. Alternatively, I put them in a bowl right at my workstation. This has the advantage that the sometimes very small attachments do not roll off the table and get lost. The bowl should be cleaned and the kitchen roll changed after each treatment.

Organize mobile nail design correctly

Professional nail designers who work mobile or spend a lot of time at trade fairs should pay particular attention to the good organization and safe storage of their high-quality products. Beauty cases and trolleys offer a suitable structure so that accessories, colors and instruments have a permanent place and can be transported safely. Clarity makes working easier and ensures that hygienic storage is no longer a problem on the go. Particularly practical: The cases and trolleys protect the products from direct light, as well as from heat and moisture - this ensures maximum longevity of the products and offers optimal protection when transporting them by car, on foot or by public transport.

  • For mobile nail designers
  • At trade fairs
  • Beauty suitcases & trolleys
  • Safe transportation
  • Clear storage
  • Protection of products & instruments

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