Das sind die Nail Herbst-Trends 2020

These are the fall nail trends for 2020

Brrrr – the temperatures are getting cooler again and the hot summer is saying goodbye. Rain showers and gray skies, but also the harvest season with all the delicacies from nature, the last warming rays of sunshine in the fields and hot chocolate are in season again. Finally it's time for comfort! In nail design this means: Sensual and warm colors, intense tones full of depth and classics that create a real autumn feeling. Get inspired and find your personal autumn nail design in wonderful colors and fantastic seasonal nail art!

Nail design trends for fall 2020: 7 questions for the expert

Which nail length is suitable for autumn and which shapes look particularly appealing given the seasonal trends? Our nail designer Stefanie answered a total of seven questions for you so that you can implement your high-quality autumn nail design without any problems and always in keeping with the times!

When is “autumn” when it comes to nail design?

Nail designer Stefanie: “It usually becomes autumnal in nail design from mid to late September, depending on whether someone is going on summer vacation later, for example. In November, the winter colors replace the autumn look with darker, richer colors and perhaps a little more glitter.”

Which nail shapes and lengths are popular in autumn?

Nail designer Stefanie: “Many people prefer to wear short, straight nails with dark colors. However, anyone who likes autumnal nail art usually opts for longer nails in stiletto, coffin or almond shapes , which offer more space for dreamy autumn decorations such as stampings ,tattoos or stones .”

Tip Classic
Tip ballerina
Tip Stiletto

What do you think of glitter and mica on your nails in autumn?

Nail designer Stefanie: “Always fits! This is very popular in the nail salon. A full cover in one color and a matching glittering decorative nail in gold or silver are particularly popular!”

Are there any special autumn festivities that require special nail designs?

Nail designer Stefanie: “TheHalloween parties are mainly popular for scary nail designs in orange, black or simply to match the costume.”

Do young customers wear different fall trends on their nails than senior women?

Nail designer Stefanie: “My older customers are generally more into classic autumn shades such as wine red and burgundy or dark purple . Younger people tend to be more confident about trendy colors , but of course there are also older women who have a penchant for fashion colors!”

Which nail design is your favorite for fall?

Nail designer Stefanie: “I like to wear berry, gray and purple tones in autumn. I find metallic or shimmer effects particularly beautiful.”

How do I properly care for my nails in autumn?

Nail designer Stefanie: “I think it’s important to take regular care of your nails in a timely manner so that they are ready for autumn. Oils, creams and care with rich products should be a given, because the skin now needs a lot of moisture and fats shouldn't be missing either."

Praffin bath
Hand foam
Nail oil roller

Which colors for nail design in autumn 2020?

New York, Milan and Paris are among the fashion metropolises that create trends. The most beautiful colors and shapes can also be found here in autumn 2020 , which harmonize perfectly at the beginning of the dark season. They are not only suitable for clothing, but also ideal for your nail designs in autumn 2020.

Red & Pink : Classic & sensual

Red is one of the classics of nail design and can also be found in this year's color trends. The powerful color impresses with its versatility, which ensures that you can find the right shade of red for your nails for almost every event and every season. In autumn 2020, it is primarily sensual nuances such as the dark and matt ruby ​​red or intense tones such as the intense red of the seductive femme fatale and the classic Bordeaux red that create trendy and at the same time elegant highlights on your nails. The soft pink is a color that also impresses with its versatility and provides cozy and cozy accents in the dark season. It can be combined perfectly and is suitable for everyday life and celebrations alike. Pale pink and dark pink are classics of nail design that you can also rely on in autumn 2020.

Orange: Bright & autumnal

Lots of autumn leaves and ripe fruits like pumpkins show the way: In autumn, a warm orange is the color of the season! In 2020, you can decorate your nails with this luminous beauty and capture the warmth of the last rays of sunshine. We recommend wonderful effect gels in Gold Glitter Orange or Gold Glitter Blood Orange , which create wonderful autumn nail designs with a touch of extravagance.

Blue: Pure & versatile

Blue was already a trend on the catwalks this summer and it remains that way when it comes to fall fashion, so you can choose trendy nail designs in blue. How about a classic galaxy blue or pure ocean blue ? If you are not used to the versatile blue as a full cover on your nails, this color is also ideal for autumnal nail designs with smaller or larger blue stamping motifs and for individual decorative nails. Muted white, grey, cream and nude tones are perfect for combination and give this look a special elegance!

Green: Natural & combinable

A dreamy dark green is not only uniquely beautiful on the nails, it can also be easily combined with other warm and earthy tones to create a wonderful autumn look. Blue-gray green , classic petrol or fir green as well as moss green are real eye-catchers on the nails.

Autumn gels
Autumn Shellac
Autumn UV varnishes

Nail art for fall 2020

To easily create magical autumnal nail designs, you can use nail art tattoos for autumn . They offer classic images of the harvest season such as ripe fruits from rose hips to grapes to pumpkins, but also motifs such as chestnuts, falling leaves, strawflower blossoms and acorns or sweet autumn nail art with hedgehogs, squirrels and other animals . Even for Halloween, you'll find seasonal nail designs ranging from witches and bats to the classic Jack O'Lantern pumpkin face to spider webs, skeleton hands and haunted houses - the perfect complement to spooky costumes! Depending on the occasion and the color of the stickers, nude tones and muted white are particularly suitable as a background, but black, orange or dark red can also look great.

  • Falling leaves
  • ripe fruits
  • Rose hip, grape & pumpkin
  • Chestnuts & Acorns
  • Strawflower blossoms
  • Hedgehogs & Squirrels

Nail art stamping
Rhinestones & Crystals
Nail art tattoos
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