Brillante Schönheit: Nagelmodellage mit Farbe

Brilliant beauty: nail modeling with color

Classic red, modern nude or trendy colors - the color design of the modeled nail offers many possibilities. Our nail designer Stefanie will explain to you how to correctly apply the color layer for your nail modeling in order to achieve brilliant and flawless results. She gives you tips and shows you what mistakes can happen and how to avoid them. We will also explain to you what advantages full cover and French manicures have. Of course, we also go into the classics of nail design: the legendary red in many tones and the trendy nude nuances. How do you find the right color for your nail modeling? We'll tell you!



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Color design in nail modeling with gel

Brilliant colors that last a long time and give your hands a well-groomed look make nail modeling with gel and color so popular. Our experienced nail designer has put together six steps for you to easily add color to your nail modeling with gel .

Prepare nail

Preparation includes a careful manicure and, above all, thorough removal of the cuticles, otherwise this can have a negative impact on the durability of the artificial nails. Use the right tools and accessories to remove cuticles without damaging the nail. Finally, the natural nail is gently matted with a buffer to prepare it for nail modeling.

Apply primer

To prepare the nail for the following gel layers and to degrease it and thus ensure optimal hold, a primer , the so-called adhesive primer, is applied thinly. The primer ensures the connection between natural and artificial nails.

Apply adhesive gel

The first layer of gel on the nail is the adhesive gel - it forms the basis for the further structure of the nail. This is where it is decided how well your modeled nail will hold up and stand up to the demands of everyday life.

Building gel for the shape

The modeling or building gel is then applied, which gives the artificial nail its shape. You can file the hardened gel and should look at it from all sides on the nail in order to achieve a natural-identical and attractive result.

Color gel for full cover

The color gel of your choice is now used for a full coat. Even with very good coverage, you may get more even results if you apply and cure the gel twice in a row.

Finish with sealing gel

Applying the sealing gel gives the artificial nail and the color of the model a protective layer. The sealing gel also ensures a flawless shine and is therefore also known as a shine gel.

Nail filing


Adhesive gel

Building gel

Color gels

Finish gels

Why is preparation so important when modeling nails with color?

“For optimal results, the color layer is applied as close to the cuticle as possible during nail modeling - but the color gel must under no circumstances touch the skin! If the cuticle has not been carefully pushed back and removed beforehand, the nail gel can run into the cracks in the cuticle. After hardening, customers often notice an unpleasant feeling of tension on the nail, and inflammation can even result. As it grows out, the gel can also lift up in these areas and draw in air,” explains our nail designer.

  • Color gel close to the cuticles
  • No contact with the cuticles
  • Color gel can run into the cuticles
  • Feelings of tension & inflammation
  • Gel draws air more easily (liftings)

    5 expert tips for nail modeling with color

    For attractive results, our expert recommends always applying the color gel carefully and sealing all edges well with color - this is often forgotten, especially at the front. The right amount also plays an important role when applying the color: too little color can appear uneven on the nail, appear shaded or have translucent areas. If the paint is applied too thickly, it will not harden properly. If you look from the side, you may also see dents or waves in the gel. It is better to apply the color layer thinly twice and cure each one individually. In general, the edges will chip more quickly if the paint or protective sealing layer is applied incorrectly.

    1. Apply color gel carefully
    2. Seal edges well (including at the tip)
    3. Choose the right amount of color gel
    4. It is better to have 2 thin layers of color gel rather than one thick one
    5. Apply sealing layer carefully

    7 advantages of the full cover manicure

    The entire nail in a selected color - a manicure with a full cover look is a classic that can be easily adapted to trends or events thanks to the individual color choice. Brilliant colors can round off outfits or pick up the theme of an occasion - they can be an eye-catcher and offer a contrast to the rest of the style and elegantly round off a harmonious overall picture. “By fully varnishing the nail, smaller blemishes, such as white spots or blue bleeding after a bruise, can be easily concealed,” says our expert and adds: “The full cover manicure is particularly suitable for problem nails in the gel area, as smaller ones You don’t see drafts so quickly under the brilliant colors!”

    1. Full painting
    2. Classic with individual color choice
    3. Trends & Events
    4. Eye-catcher & contrast
    5. Harmonious overall picture
    6. Conceal flaws
    7. Suitable for problem nails

    7 benefits of French manicure

    “The French manicure is one of the classics in the studio because it suits every occasion and always ensures a well-groomed appearance in everyday life as well as at festivities,” explains our nail designer. Wedding or office - the French in a traditional style or in a baby boomer look with gentle transitions is perfect for both. Various shades can be chosen for the French line itself, from subtle old white versions to ultra-white shades. To implement the French in a modern way, trendy colors can be used instead of white for the line and provide highlights on the nails. Glitter stripes, nail art such as tattoos, stickers or stamping as well as rhinestones and crystals can be used for special occasions or to give the classic an individual touch. Depending on the variant, they look good on all nails or on a selected decorative nail - a popular variant for weddings to emphasize the ring finger, reveals our expert. A special advantage of the French manicure for our nail designer is that you can see less growth or other blemishes on the transparent look and the nails look well-groomed for a long time.

    1. Always looks well-groomed
    2. Suitable for all occasions and in everyday life
    3. French in trendy colors
    4. Different shades of white for the French line
    5. Nail art possible for individuality
    6. Decorative nails are an eye-catcher
    7. Appears flawless for a long time

    Nail modeling with color gel: classic red

    “In the studio, red is most popular in many variations for the color design of nail modeling - here you can actually find the right color for everyone, which can also be suitable for everyday use and thus ensures great effects,” explains our expert. In the summer, your customers choose lighter shades of red, which may also contain hints of pink or orange. In winter, however, darker shades such as brown-red, black-red or carmine red are in demand. Red is considered a particularly appealing color that looks attractive. Energy, warmth, joy and life are associated with the beautiful, powerful nuance. It is traditionally a symbol of love and stands for eroticism, sensuality and passion. In many Eastern cultures, red is considered a very lucky color.

    Modern and elegant: nail design in nude

    “The nail polish 505 from Chanel gave nail modeling a new color classic, because since then nude tones in all versions have become an indispensable part of the studios,” says our expert. The original rocks in taupe shades such as gray purple or gray brown are now complemented by many other beauties such as rosé and mauve and are characterized by their extraordinary and natural-looking diversity. There is a suitable color for every occasion and every complexion, which fits elegantly and modernly into every style. Particularly practical: Nude tones form the perfect basis for tasteful nail art and can be easily combined with trendy colors. “If you have a classic office job dealing with customers, you can have a lot of choice for nail modeling with these colors and still always have an adequate nail design,” says our expert.

    Which color for nail modeling?

    “Which color you choose for your gel nails depends on many factors. Your everyday life and your job are particularly important for the decision,” explains our nail designer. On the one hand, in some jobs certain nail colors are simply too much; here, more classic looks are required. Given your hobby, certain manicures can quickly be affected - for example when dealing with animals. For special occasions such as weddings, Christmas or New Year's Eve, you can make separate decisions and choose a change from everyday life or stay true to your look. Your personal style is another factor that can influence your choice of color for nail modeling. Either you use the nails to spice up your style and give it a special highlight, or you choose a color that fits harmoniously into the overall picture. The clothing colors that match your complexion and hair color also look good on your nails. “You can also factor the length and shape of the nail into your decision – dark colors will make your nails appear narrower, while pastel colors can give the nails a little more width. Nails with a French manicure also look longer than nails with a full cover,” explains our expert.

    • Suitable for everyday life and work
    • Special colors for special events
    • Personal style
    • Nail color to match skin & hair
    • Dark colors for narrow nails
    • Bright colors widen nails
    • French optically lengthens nails

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