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Our premium tip glue with top ratings ensures the reliable hold of your tips. The premium glue from our online shop is suitable for long-lasting nail extensions, repairs and the safe application of breathtaking nail art.

Reliably connect the tip and natural nail - with our high-quality tip glue, creating the perfect and durable nail design is child's play. Trust in our premium product to benefit from optimal adhesion. Developed by experts, the tip glue from our online shop not only ensures a secure hold and optimal adhesion, but also protects the natural nail. Choose between the medium viscosity and the thick viscosity version as the perfect addition to your best nail design accessories. Our premium ⭐ nail glue ⚗️ in studio quality as a set is suitable for professional use as well as for private users at home.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about tip glue:

“Every nail designer should have a high-quality tip glue in their range - it forms the basis for long-lasting nail extensions and is used every day. You shouldn’t compromise here!”

7 reasons: Buy premium tip glue online

In our range we offer you high-quality tip glue that you can order online and have delivered to your home. Our customers love this product - the extremelypowerful tip adhesive has top ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews in the online shop because it ensures reliable adhesion and a secure hold. The small power pack comes to you in a practical brush bottle or with a twist top closure, allowing you to apply it comfortably and easily for precise work without any bubbles. Due to its transparency, the tip glue is ideal for all types of tips and modeling systems. PS: After application, our tip glue only needs 20-30 seconds to harden - then you can simply continue with your nail design!

  1. Tip glue with top ratings
  2. Reliable liability
  3. Secure hold
  4. Practical brush bottle or twist top
  5. Uncomplicated application
  6. No blistering
  7. Transparency for all tips & systems
  8. Fast curing

Easy to use: Tip glue with brilliant adhesive properties

We offer you our premium tip glue with 🖌️ brush in two different viscosity levels that can be processed differently. The viscosity refers to the viscosity of our tip adhesives. The higher the viscosity, the thicker the product is. Medium viscosity or thick viscosity also available as a 📦 bundle - you decide which tip glue works best with and creates your dream nail extensions. We recommend you: Use the medium-viscosity tip glue for classic nail extensions with tips. The thick viscosity tip glue is ideal for attaching nail art such as rhinestones or crystals or for carrying out repairs on artificial nails.

  • Medium viscosity tip glue for nail extensions
  • Thick viscosity tip glue for repairs & nail art
  • Expert tips: 8 steps for optimal adhesion with tip glue

Our expert Stefanie recommends using our premium tip glue for the best results : “Choose the right tip glue viscosity and make sure that your tip glue does not run into the cuticles - this will later have a negative impact on the durability of your nail design. Apply the tip glue precisely so that all areas of the tip are wetted and hold well on the natural nail. After placing the tip, press it gently and slowly onto the natural nail with evenly distributed pressure. Let the glue dry and then continue your nail design! Remember to seal your tip glue airtight after use. Store your glue upright, dry and away from sunlight and heat. “

  1. Select viscosity
  2. Tip glue must not run into the cuticles
  3. Precise application to the tip
  4. Apply the tip to the natural nail with even pressure
  5. Allow glue to dry
  6. Seal airtight
  7. Store dry and upright
  8. Avoid sunlight & heat