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Our autumn and winter collection combines the most beautiful color gels and nail polishes for great winter nails. Premium products in classic colors, modern nuances or with effects provide variety and conjure up the sun in your heart.

Radiant color power for ultra-beautiful nail designs 💝 in the cold and gray season can be easily achieved with the offers 🎁 from our autumn 🍂 and winter ❄️ collection . Choose beautiful autumn colors that perfectly match the color play of the foliage or go for great trendy shades to add warm touches of color to the cool, rainy days. We recommend ultra-covering color gels , innovative effect gels with glitter, mica and metallic as well as Shellac, UV nail polish and classic nail polish for your best nail design 💅 in autumn and winter.

That's what our nail designer says 👩‍🎨 Stefanie on the autumn winter colors:

“My customers in the studio simply love the muted, cool nuances in autumn and winter and like to use color as a contrast to the dark season!”

5 reasons for red in autumn & winter

The nail design classic red 🎀 impresses with its great variety and also offers wonderful nuances in autumn 🍂 and winter . What is in demand in our collection 💅 are particularly sensual warm red tones such as ruby ​​red , dark red , classic dark cherry red , black-red rouge noir or burgundy . Red nails in autumn and winter are exciting beauties that go perfectly with winter fashion . The advantage of the powerful, intense color is obvious: This feminine nuance is ideal for all festivities, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's Eve , and gives every outfit an elegant touch. At the same time, red on nails 💕 is absolutely suitable for everyday use and can provide individual style in most jobs. It goes well with jeans with a cardigan and sneakers as well as with a blouse and pencil skirt - every customer will find her perfect autumn and winter color here. ❄️❄️❄️

  1. Versatile nuances
  2. Sensually warm
  3. Feminine
  4. Suitable for all outfits
  5. Suitable for everyday use

Nail design: Which colors in autumn & winter?

Would you like to sweeten your dark days with bright colors on your nails? 🍬🍬🍬 Browse our collection of fall and winter colors ❄️ and get inspired for your trendy nail design 💅 . We offer you stylish and modern color gels, Shellac, UV nail polish, classic nail polish and effect gels for your studio or doing nails at home . Beautiful autumnal colors 🍂🍂🍂 like butterscotch yellow , galaxy blue and green-gray bluestone , but also classics like gray-purple Old Mauve and Camelia are waiting to give your nails the right look on cold days. It becomes trendy with different shades of salmon , coral , Amalfi yellow or bright neon orange red - they conjure up great splashes of color in gray rainy weather! ☔

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Mauve
  • Salmon
  • Neon

Nude nail design for fall & winter

The nude shades from our online shop 💅 look great for every occasion and every season - you can use these great colors in different shades to create a natural look that goes with all outfits in autumn 🍂 and winter ❄️. These classic nuances in natural colors can be easily combined with trendy colors and thus gain an individual charm. They are also ideal as a basis for your nail art for Halloween 🎃, Thanksgiving 🎑, Christmas 🎄 or New Year's Eve. 🎆🎆🎆

  • Natural look
  • Go with all outfits
  • Can be combined
  • Perfect for nail art

Effect gel for cold days

In autumn and winter ❄️ beautiful nail design 💅 puts you in a good mood - especially if you go for great highlights. In our range we offer you premium effect gels that combine ultra-covering winter colors with great effects . Our offer 🎁 gives you a sparkling appearance with mother-of-pearl shine, glitter and mica and with metallic effect gels you can create unique nail designs that give your autumn 🍂 a shine.

  • Pearlescent shine
  • Glitter
  • mica
  • Metallic